Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Virgensota May 9, 2016

This week many things happened, of that I'm sure, but not many were memorable. So I'll see what I remember...

One cool experience was a new investigator we found. We were knocking doors for about 2 and a half hours, when we knocked on a door, and the normal thing happened, " Who is it?" "We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ, we want to give you an invitation." "Not today." Then my companion says, "When can we visit then?" "Oh, you are persistent, are you?  I'm coming." *we look at each other like weird/uh oh*.  At this moment I'm thinking she wants to bible bash. Let's see how well she knows the Bible. She comes to the door and says, "Come in!" uh OK. Entering her house, there is a tapestry of the Virgen of Guadalupe that covers the whole wall... ay no "Sit down, You must be thirsty from all that walking and sun. Do you want a glass of water?" OK. Then when she sits down, "So what's the message you have for me?" She doesn`t want to fight? She doesn`t want to fight.  Oh. "Our message...(you know the rest)."   She told us the first time she saw missionaries, she looked at the American and he turned around and looked at her, she felt that they were missionaries sent from God. The missionaries contacted her, and shared a card, but nothing else happened in that moment. When we knocked on her door, she knew we were from the same church and we had a message from God. She was catholic de hueso colorado, (really devout) going every day to church. That same day that we knocked on her door, she was in misa (catholic church service), and left in the middle because she felt uncomfortable and that she had to go. She accepted everything well that we had to say. She prayed the first time and it was a really sincere prayer. Those are one of the favorite moments in my mission: when an investigator says a really sincere prayer. It's like fourth on the list of favorite things on the mission: Seeing converts getting sealed (haven't gotten there yet, but I will in July), seeing converts that are faithful, baptisms, then sincere prayers. She wanted to go church this same week but she got sick... so I think she will be our next baptism.  

In other news I called home yesterday. I wish i could have seen everyone, but just my family was in the call. The next one is Christmas. It's not that far. 😜

​My companion was sick so I made him a health pack.

​Elder Misterio and the Devourer. Tag team Lucha Libre.

​Look how close the Temple is!!! and you can also see how bad the pollution is... No, it's not cloudy. If you look towards the top, you can see a cloud.

Oh, yeah, 5 de mayo! Here 5 de mayo is full of gunshots. all. day. long. It's really quite annoying. Some people even have cannons. It's part of a reenactment of the Battle of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo isn't Independance Day. It's the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, when they kicked out the French from Mexico.  

This was how people were dressed on cinco de mayo. Those are the rifles that they fire off all day long. They just fire off gunpowder.

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