Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rock and Roll! June 6, 2016

Mom. I know you don't like this phrase.... but... guys, I won again!  [Mom comment: I instantly cringed after reading this first line.]

So we were walking down one of the most crowded streets in our area. It was 3  o´clock. So we were contacting and a guy says to us, "Hey, preach to me about the Bible. I just got out of jail, and I want to be closer to God." So this guy had about 6 new tattoos, four crosses and two scriptures. (Hindsight: he didn't just get out of jail. He would have had older tattoos).  So he's talking out Donald Trump, a bunch of stuff, and then, "Give me all your stuff. Tengo mi cohete. (Saying he has a gun. Hindsight: his hand bag wasn't big enough for a gun, but better comply for doubt.)  Where's your cell phone?  What do you have in your bag?"  So, he takes our cell phone, rifles through our bags, and says to me give me your bible. Nooo... we can replace the cellphone, but I can't replace all the things I've marked in my scriptures. Elder Paz thought quickly and pulled out a Book of Mormon. "Here you go. Here's a Bible." (Everyone thinks it's a Bible.)  Then he went away. We jumped on a micro to the temple, so they wouldn't follow us and went to report that they stole our phone.  I was all shaky and stuff. But ya, it was over.  We went on with our day, got a new phone, but it wasn't activated yet. At 6:00, we were in a lesson, and beep.  "Was that your phone?" "No" "It came from your bag, Elder Paz."  And there in the bag was our cellphone! The only thing the mugger took, was a Book of Mormon. I hope it does him some good some day. HAHAHAHA!  It was still scary though...

Sad news... one of our investigators that was really progressing, told us the other day that she just wants to be apart from all the religions. 😭 No! You were the chosen one!  Triste. 

And also one of our investigators died. He had cirrhosis. Now he isn't suffering anymore. We are now helping his wife, and we hope this helps his son get over his drug addiction.

This week was full of adventures! So someone wasn't in their house for an appointment, so we went contacting, normal day.  We knock on a door, and we are talking about stuff. They don't answer. I knock again. We are talking and Smack! OW! Something just hit me on the head!  Where'd it come from? I see pieces of a rock on the ground. Somebody threw a rock at me! Rude. Let's go. I'm looking all around for somebody who threw the rock. We are in the middle of the street and another rock lands where we were. Yep. Somebody is throwing rocks at us. Then my comp sees who was throwing them and yells, "There he is!"  and the person hides in his house.  So we go to a member's house that was close by, to check how bad it was.  Wasn't that bad, just left a bump and a scratch. So I cleaned it, and we went on our way. 

 And you know what the best part is?  I'm still happy.  Many people would think we were crazy.  Nope. I just have a testimony that everything in time will be OK. Really it makes me happy to know that my Savior lives and guides each one of us. It is something that, no matter the circumstances, whether refugees, or missionaries, problems in the family, with work, economy, everything will be all right. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."

[Mom comment: Is he done yet?  I'm about ready for the end of the "I won again" emails.  I wish he were in a safer place.  I'm glad he is being smart.  I'm so thankful Father is watching over him.  We keep reminding him and it looks like he is heeding...Always follow the rules and always stay with your companion.]

​I told him no. He said it was fine, the dangerous ones have black stripes on their legs. 😓

​Wouldn't think this guy got hit on the head with a rock, right? 

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