Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nothing Much June 13, 2016

Nothing much happened this week. My companion's getting more into the leader thing but more in the D&C 121:39 type 😕 I have learned many things in the mission, mostly in ways that I wouldn't like to learn, but it is the only way to learn patience..and humility.  I don't like time. It goes too fast. 

This week we had divisions two times. Some of you don't like divisions, but I love them. Getting to learn from someone else and being able to teach with someone else. Why can't I have a companion like the zone leaders? That's the only reason I would like to be a zone leader, to be able to be with someone who is really good. 

Don't pay attention to me murmuring. 

I believe in Christ. He is my King. With all my heart, I will honor Him. I believe in Christ, he ransomed me. He has set me free. I believe in Christ. And thanks to Him I will live again. He has heard my soul complain. And for thus, I believe. And I will serve 'til the end of my days.  

​Look what some members gave us because of their granddaughter's quinceñera. I'm pretty sure they tried to copy the wands of people. Anastazia, could you tell us whose they are? I know the first one and maybe another but I don't know. Slytherin House!

For you hipsters out there: I made bubble tea!

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