Friday, February 3, 2017

Haggard Signing Out Jan. 31, 2017

So my plan was just to send a link to youtube. 
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But... I was talking to Lindsay the other week about daily miracles. So I'm reporting about the amazing things I saw during my whole mission. I just hadn't been paying attention and seeing that they really are miracles.

Tuesday: We had gone to all the plans  we had planned and I didn´t know where to go. I remembered that we had left Book of Mormons with some members to give to their friends, so we went to see how sister paty had done with her book of mormon. she opened the door and said, Elderes! I have someone for you to teach! come in.  so we talked and she hadn't given the BoM yet but one of her friends is interested in going to church!

Wednesday: It was the missionary transmission to announce the changes. So we went to our stake center, and the sister that was going to set up the video feed couldn't make it. so quick we need to go to the other stake center.  1st miracle: there were three taxis in the taxi base next to the stake center. enough for the Zone to go to Azteca. (in a base where I had hardly ever seen taxis before) so we get to azteca a little bit late for the transmission, but President was there. So when the transmission ended we got to talk with him ask questions about the changes. And most importantly President told my companion that he is going to train! and if the sister had arrived to set up the transmission, he would've never known.

Thursday: We were teaching Veronica. A great person. really interested in the gospel, but her husband doesn't want to know anything about religion, nor does he want her to go to a church. He thinks that all churches make you feel guilty, and take your money. She said it never got to this point before but he got angry to the point of beating her. I just thought, Father, I don't know what to do. help me to know what to do. It came to my mind, "If she goes to church, her husband will be pacified" can I promise that? *confirmation from the spirit* ok then. When I promised her that, she could calm down.

Another one from thursday: We went to look for a sister and the relief society president rode by on her bike and told us that she didn't get home till later. so we went to look for some one else. While we were on our way i felt, "lets turn here. well ok. its the same that way and this way." on this street, oh what surprise! the sister we were looking for was walking home. long story short: we gave our message and her friend was there too. She was quite interested in the Plan of Salvation pamphlet because she recognized it. (dont know how) New investigator!

Saturday: We were contacting and honestly I was trying to  punish my companion, because he wasn't contacting, by walking down all the streets until he contacted someone. When we got to Sur 26, I thought, Lets go left. -no, lets go right- ok we´ll go right. (hint: the spirit said go right) So we were walking I was looking for someone to contact, and I saw an open door. So I went and touched it. (jaja spanish joke: knock in spanish is tocar which is also touch) and a young man stepped out, we taught him about Jesus Christ in the Americas and gave him a Book of Mormon and he was impressed we would gift him a book.

aand others. but my time ran out and I'll see you guys next week. if it's not in person I'll see you online. 

Bye! Adios! Ciao! Dasvidanya! It's been the best two years! Have a great life! Hasta la vista baby!