Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Visitors Center Sept 27, 2016

This week we planned a family Ward evening (noche de Barrio en lugar de Noche de Hogar) in the Visitors Center. We haven't had a great record in ward activities (one time 9 people came.) But this week we had about 70 people in the Ward activity! and 11 investigators! and two from other wards. it was great! we had a Sister talk about families, which our investigator really liked. We showed a video: elder Holland`s: Completely Alone, and then we played 100 mormones said, (in English is Family Feud)    I loved it. It was great to see the ward attend and help. (Some times the sacrament attendance has been lower than 70) 

And today we went to the Basilica! It was interesting to see all the things they had there. Really beautiful gardens, and I finally got an explanation of some of the beliefs about la virgen guadalupe.

​Gardens of the Basilica

​Maybe you can see how far the city goes

​Inside the Basilica. It's really voluminous. :)

Friday, September 23, 2016

:) Sep 20, 2016

There are many things that I have learned during my mission. I have learned many of these things preparing lessons for district meetings. And they are widely ranged. Scripture knowledge, doctrine, and attribute knowledge. There are many things that are great to know, but the best things to know are those that change our lives, things that we learn and knowing it we change our attitude/behavior/life. I have had many life changing experiences, that aren't the experiences that most people think of when they think about missionaries (baptisms, teaching), but the times when it is hard, when nobody wants to listen to us. Those are the times when I have learned Patience, Diligence, Love, a deeper understanding of the Atonement, and a deeper understanding of myself, and how I can be better in the future. Really a lot of things have helped me understand how I should be later in life, when I have a wife and kids to take care of, that I can help them more than my needs.    

I am grateful that God has sent me to hard areas. I am grateful that God gives me strength, because He knows I can do it. I am Grateful for everything God has given me, and all He will give me. 

I love you guys. Γ‰chale ganas.

Monday, September 19, 2016

I Like Food. Sep 13, 2016

We've been having some problems with investigators here. Example: I have had four investigators, in this area, after they accept a baptismal date, tell us via message, that they don't want to listen to us anymore, and disappear...  I suspect JWs...  But other than that, we´re doing good here. It was my comp´s birthday the 6th, so we had cake. πŸ˜Š    

Today we played soccer with some people in the park. They had a dog with them that got out on the soccer field and went close to a pitbull.  The pitbull grabbed the dog and started throwing him around. πŸ˜² And the owner all πŸ‘¨ "Good, now he knows not to mess with pitbulls." OK, its your dog dying over there.  He didn't die, just a bit bloody.

​From last week: "They´re bigger in Utah" -Elder Herlin

​Elder Dominguez made something from Veracruz. Fried plantains with beans, sour cream and cheese. Yummy.


​I made salsa. Wasn't very spicy, though. πŸ˜’ (for me at least)  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Zootopia Sep 6, 2016

Today is September. 

This week we had investigators in the church reunions [mom note:  reunion is Spanish for meeting, so obviously Ryan is thinking in Spanish and having to translate to English!] for the first time in a while. And with that, Marta and Flavio have a baptismal date for the 30th! Marta and Flavio are a pair of people that are in union libre (free union?)  [mom note: In English, we say unwed, living together, civil union]  Flavio has dementia, but he remembers enough right now that he remembers the main points of the lessons. (Also because we have reviewed them a few times.) They are really cool, and Flavio is pretty much like a kid. He tells us the same jokes every time, but that kind of makes it funnier. We just need to divorce Flavio from his wife that left him for the problems he had, and marry Marta y Flavio. Easy peasy. 

I love being on the mission. I love meeting people and learning about their lives and how I can help them. I love talking to strangers and finding common interests (mostly Jesus Christ ;)) Hey, who are you? and what have you done with Ryan?!

If anyone is doubting about going on the mission, Go. But do it with heart. There are so many things to learn and to serve. I have learned so many things. I have learned how to talk. I think you guys will be surprised how I have changed, but you will have to see for yourself when I get home.😜 I have been able to change many things for the better. Loving more of myself and the people that surround me. One time an investigator asked us why we kept coming back even though they didn't answer? It's because we love them. We want the best for them, and we know how it can change their lives. We know that they want this. They just don't know it yet. 

Today we went to the Zoo! It's right next to my area, but it's closed on Mondays. But now Pdays are on Tuesday! So we can go to museums and stuff! (I will also be writing on Tuesdays now.)

​When we got close to his enclosure (which was just rope), he came closer to us to take a picture.

Giraffes and the Temple

​There were quite a few animals that we could get really close to.


​You know how they have those lorikeet enclosures you can enter? They had one but with toucans, tucancitos, and other birds that I don't know what they were. Like this one:

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Just Want to Say Aug 29, 2016

I just want to say that I just remembered my quote: Even though it seems that the darkest clouds are overhead, the sun is still shining behind those clouds.

It's interesting. I am at a point in my mission where I am asking, "Why aren't we having success?" I am working hard. I have made sacrifices. Doesn't the Lord want me to have success? But I know, I know this is His work. I need to work. If it isn't with the investigators, maybe first it's the ward. Maybe the Lord doesn't want more people in this ward until they can support them. Or maybe I need to learn something here. I know I have to work hard. But not just work hard but work well. Because you can work hard without seeing results, because you just use energy. But working well implies working hard to get results. I need to find other ways to work. 

MME is Mission Mexico East 

I love you all. I want you to know that God loves you too. He knows you.