Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hi there... How you doin? Dec. 27, 2016

Hey family and friends!  This week I got a new companion! if all goes well he will be my last companion. Elder Jimenez from the Dominican Republic is my companion. He will be helping me through my death, and to work hard here in tenochtitlan. We are going to do some great work here. other than that I just have to say, i'm on my last transfer cycle. "in a few weeks" as my mom said, I will be home. 

Look for miracles in your life. If you don't look you will never find them. looking in the past it's easier to see the influence of God in our lives. I have had many occasions in my life and mission, where I haven't seen how God is helping me because I was angry, prideful, sad, whatever reason. then one day i look back and say, "thank you Father. I know I was sad/angry back then, but now I learned from that experience, and I am better now." it makes me think of the talk about the currant bush, I am the Gardener here.                 (here you go. it's a great talk if you haven't read it)

GO sing for me ok? I sing here but singing is a great way to share. 

​making punch for the ward Christmas party! (sorry for the low quality, took the picture with our cell)

​like the abominable snowman, this white giant likes to help people put on the stars/bows on their christmas tree. 

Hey remember the animated mops from the sorcerers apprentice? we have a bunch here in Mexico.

​hoyo en la puente? no pasa nada.​ [hole in the bridge? nothing falls through]

Dont worry be happy, in a winter wonderland. (or in CA a green christmas...) Dec 20, 2016

this week is christmas! go make someone happy! that's what christmas is about! go help your missionaries out! they are having a hard time right now. an investigator would be a great christmas present.😜 we had our mission christmas party this week. WE did service! it was great. I did my normal job of taking out a tree/bush. but this time mexican style. with a machete! pictures to come. 

Thanks Grandma for the package! i still haven't opened it but I know it's great.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas emphasis in Christ! emphasis! Dec. 13, 2016

This week, or these two weeks are going to be full of Navidad! we have the mission Christmas party (which we will be doing service, cool!) on Wednesday (tomorrow), the stake Christmas party, complete with mechanical bull, on Friday, ward Christmas party (tenochtitlan) on Wednesday, and Ward Christmas Party,(Barrios Campiña y Independencia) on Friday. in all of which they asked me to sing.  yay for singing! 

I dont know if it happens to everyone this time of year, but it definitely happens in mexico. Everyone starts to say, "come back next year, the holidays are busy." ðŸ˜’ yeah and we are busy walking, hoping someone lets us in. But Christmas is great.  lots of food, lots of lights (not as many as the us, but its ok) lots of music, and kids are out of school. Just remember that the real reason for Christmas is to celebrate the Birth of Christ. (even though it wasn't during this time of year.) Be a light this time of year and help someone else this year!

​hey, mom, dad, look what you bought me for Christmas! among other things.

​This time it's not winning cause its the second time. Dog bite! like anastazia said, the dog wanted to taste me. I've been lucky with the dog bites.

Luz Dec. 6, 2016

SO my sister complained that I didn't write so much, so I'm going to try and write more today.

I am so grateful for all the things I have learned. As we would say, Started from the bottom now we´re here. ðŸ¤— There are many things that my mission president has said to me along the lines of: "Just think of all the things you have done. I want you to see that you started in one place and you have progressed."  And really I have learned a lot.  I have learned things that many people would be surprised with. A lot of people think, oh you learned all the scriptures. nope. I learned the same things we are teaching. Faith. Repentance. Baptism for the Remission of Sins. the gift of the Holy Ghost. Endure to the End. I have really learned what is faith, what is repentance. I have seen my lack of faith. I learned that things I said I had repented of, that really I hadn´t repented. But I have learned. I have become a better person. But as Elder Holland(I think) said, the trick is to not lose the light after the mission.
I wrote a song about this actually. The main phrase is: I came to teach, and ended up being taught. I'll work on it more when I get home to refine the song.

This week wasn't that great in regards to lessons with investigators, but we visited with members to share the Christmas message: Light the World. It is great. I love when we have the holiday pass along cards. Every member we have gone with, we have given them two cards to give to others. Even though it is great to get new investigators, it is about lighting the world making the season bright. in the calendar for 25 ways in 25 days, it says attend a religious service. We need to share the Gospel to everyone. but in the mean time, the best way to be happy is to come closer to Christ. and in the way we do it is the way in which can come closer to God. some ways don't help as much as others but they do help. Be a light! (Sorry Connor i'm copying it. I like it too.)  Help others to be happy!  Ye are the light of the world. A city set upon a hill cannot be hidden. Let your light so shine. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Light the World Nov. 29, 2016

Christmas is upon us. if you are wondering what to do in the 24 days before christmas visit this website: The lights that we put up on christmas should remind us of the Light of Christ and that we should "let our light so shine" Matt 5:16.

 Ads in the Metro

Why you shouldn't put your socks on the heater.

This week we went to the Torre Latinoamericana

 My Christmas Tree!