Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas emphasis in Christ! emphasis! Dec. 13, 2016

This week, or these two weeks are going to be full of Navidad! we have the mission Christmas party (which we will be doing service, cool!) on Wednesday (tomorrow), the stake Christmas party, complete with mechanical bull, on Friday, ward Christmas party (tenochtitlan) on Wednesday, and Ward Christmas Party,(Barrios Campiña y Independencia) on Friday. in all of which they asked me to sing.  yay for singing! 

I dont know if it happens to everyone this time of year, but it definitely happens in mexico. Everyone starts to say, "come back next year, the holidays are busy." 😒 yeah and we are busy walking, hoping someone lets us in. But Christmas is great.  lots of food, lots of lights (not as many as the us, but its ok) lots of music, and kids are out of school. Just remember that the real reason for Christmas is to celebrate the Birth of Christ. (even though it wasn't during this time of year.) Be a light this time of year and help someone else this year!

​hey, mom, dad, look what you bought me for Christmas! among other things.

​This time it's not winning cause its the second time. Dog bite! like anastazia said, the dog wanted to taste me. I've been lucky with the dog bites.

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