Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hi there... How you doin? Dec. 27, 2016

Hey family and friends!  This week I got a new companion! if all goes well he will be my last companion. Elder Jimenez from the Dominican Republic is my companion. He will be helping me through my death, and to work hard here in tenochtitlan. We are going to do some great work here. other than that I just have to say, i'm on my last transfer cycle. "in a few weeks" as my mom said, I will be home. 

Look for miracles in your life. If you don't look you will never find them. looking in the past it's easier to see the influence of God in our lives. I have had many occasions in my life and mission, where I haven't seen how God is helping me because I was angry, prideful, sad, whatever reason. then one day i look back and say, "thank you Father. I know I was sad/angry back then, but now I learned from that experience, and I am better now." it makes me think of the talk about the currant bush, I am the Gardener here.                 (here you go. it's a great talk if you haven't read it)

GO sing for me ok? I sing here but singing is a great way to share. 

​making punch for the ward Christmas party! (sorry for the low quality, took the picture with our cell)

​like the abominable snowman, this white giant likes to help people put on the stars/bows on their christmas tree. 

Hey remember the animated mops from the sorcerers apprentice? we have a bunch here in Mexico.

​hoyo en la puente? no pasa nada.​ [hole in the bridge? nothing falls through]

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