Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why have you not been baptized? Oct. 25, 2016

This week Arturo got baptized! He is an investigator who has been listening to the missionaries for about four months, and i have wanted to count lessons with his family as member present, because he teaches and everything. This week it counts. and then his family (his mom,brother,sister-in-law,and his niece) will get baptized in November!

today i went to aguilas (my old area that is across the street from my area right now) to see my converts and some members. Its cool to know that my converts are all active in the church. and i went to visit a member in the ward, and you know how in charlie and the chocolate factory, his dads house dissappears? same thing with this member. house: gone. there's just the front wall and the rest, kaput.

​the water didnt work, so we pulled the water for the font from the sistern.(clean water, it just had dirt.)

​its hard work filling a baptismal font by bucket

​the Jordan river experience.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tenocht! Oct. 11, 2016

So this was my first week in Tenochtitlan. I was pretty good. I didn't really realize how [desanimado] i was in my last areas. This week we had a really good lesson with the Ramirez family. Arturo was the first one the missionaries started teaching (in June), and about a week ago, they started teaching the rest of his family. This week they went to church, and are really ready to accept everything. They know we have what we need to follow the example of Jesus Christ. We are going to invite them to be baptized the fifth of November.  (Arturo already has a baptismal date for the 22nd. Two weeks!)  When we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, i felt the spirit hit me like a hug from an old friend. (the image came to my mind of Jackie running up to give me a hug. :)  It feels nice to be back in a place where the people are more receptive, and I can help more people progress.

[can you translate this one mom? no idea what it would be in English.  mom: discouraged, without excitement]

more of my pink neckties:

classic from home​

​slim, one of my favorites.

​a Susan G Komen for the Cure official tie.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cholostoc Oct. 4, 2016

So I got transferred! I am no longer in Casas Aleman, I am now in Tenochtitlan (different from the cities in Connor`s mission, the way it's spelled is how it sounds)  Zone: Xalostoc (maybe its a bit different X is like an H) commonly known to missionaries as Cholostoc. It's across the main street from a previous area I had: Aguilas. I'm excited to be in the State of Mexico once again, instead of the federal district.  This week was general Conference and it was very uplifting. maybe I'll give you guys my notes next week because I still haven't written them up.  My new companion is Elder Mata, he got to the Mission when I trained the second time, with Elder Nava. Even though I am older than him in terms of the mission, he is 25 years old. The most probable thing is that I will finish my mission here in Tenochtitlan. 

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, I'm putting on my pink ties everyday this month. Here's one of them: (it's Jerry Garcia too)