Monday, September 19, 2016

I Like Food. Sep 13, 2016

We've been having some problems with investigators here. Example: I have had four investigators, in this area, after they accept a baptismal date, tell us via message, that they don't want to listen to us anymore, and disappear...  I suspect JWs...  But other than that, we´re doing good here. It was my comp´s birthday the 6th, so we had cake. 😊    

Today we played soccer with some people in the park. They had a dog with them that got out on the soccer field and went close to a pitbull.  The pitbull grabbed the dog and started throwing him around. 😲 And the owner all 👨 "Good, now he knows not to mess with pitbulls." OK, its your dog dying over there.  He didn't die, just a bit bloody.

​From last week: "They´re bigger in Utah" -Elder Herlin

​Elder Dominguez made something from Veracruz. Fried plantains with beans, sour cream and cheese. Yummy.


​I made salsa. Wasn't very spicy, though. 😒 (for me at least)  

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