Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Casas Aleman May 23, 2016

I'm living it up here in Casas Aleman. Hahaha, I just realized that mostly other missionaries, in different areas, go to different cities. But all the areas in my mission are in the same city. Besides the point. Here in Casas Aleman. We, in the last two weeks, have put six baptismal dates for June.  [note from mom: You can hear Ryan translating into English from his Spanish brain.."put" six baptismal dates instead of the English set 6 dates.]  WOOOO! I'm excited. You know what's even better?  We just met five of those people. GOLDEN!  A missionary told me once: Really, tracting/finding/contacting is not effective. Really, it isn't. But the LORD  sees our diligence and when we are trying to find new people, He puts people in our path. Of these six people, three came up to us. We were contacting. knocking doors, for hours, when somebody practically comes up and says, teach me. it's really awesome and worth the walking under the sun, rejection, and everything else. 

And besides the real reason I'm here, there's more that is awesome about this area. The members (and investigators too) give us food. I know, you're thinking, don't they normally do that?  But more than feeding us lunch, (lunch is the big meal here, not dinner, when we eat with members) it doesn't matter what time it is, they give us food. On Friday, we ate at 12, 2, 6, then our neighbor gave us fruit when we got to our apartment. Many missionaries fatten in this area. That's why I'm doing Insanity. And we also ate in the temple on Wednesday, because it's much more healthy than anything else we could find, and the temple is almost in our area, so why not?

Also in the aspect of food, we have an oven. I am in heaven. Do you know that it has been over 15 months since I have tried chocolate chip cookies?!  Well,

now it has been two days. 💆😊

​mmm... *jabba noise* tastes like merica

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