Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Healing May 16, 2016

I want to talk about Priesthood healing. I have had a few experiences giving blessings in the mission. None of them were that I gave the blessing and then they stood up and were completely healed. But, they were cool experiences. First was my first convert, Daniel. He had a problem with his intestines. The first surgery was done wrong and that caused problems. He couldn't eat for about a month. A good thing was that he was fat. He lost about 130 lbs during the complications. Every surgery he had had something that went wrong. Then when we met him we gave him a blessing, and his next surgery didn't have complications. He now is completely healed, and gaining weight again. 😁 The second person was another convert, Jorge. He was attacked by a serial attacker, by knife. His throat was slit, and received another five stabs. He was in a coma for a week. His neighbor, who was our investigator, asked for us to go visit him to give a blessing. Even though we couldn't go, because the hospital was out of the limits of the mission, that day he woke up.  Then when he got back to his house, we gave him a blessing. His recovery was fast. When the doctors checked on him, to see if in a few weeks they could move on with the process, he was ready to move on, faster than they expected. (It also helped him get baptized faster.) Then on Friday, we gave a blessing to a man that has a fluids problem. He retains liquid and can't get rid of it. The doctors have to drain manually from his stomach. His stomach is swollen really big. We haven't seen the results yet, But I believe he will be healed. 

In another case, not mine, our ward mission leader´s son is on his mission in the north of Mexico, on the other side of Texas. The cartel is big there, and really are the people who are best towards the missionaries. Sometimes they come up to the missionaries, say, "get in."  The missionaries get in, drive for a while then drop off the missionaries. They believe it brings them goodness (not exactly good luck, but...)  So one day, to the companion of our ward mission leader´s son, the cartel comes straight up to them, "Get in." They get in but they drive to a house, say "Follow us" so they follow and are led to a man covered in blood.  "Heal him." (I imagine like Ephraim´s Rescue.)  They check his pulse; he´s dead. "Heal him," they repeat. The missionary tells them, "I'm going to need you to do everything I tell you."  Everyone kneels and crosses their arms. "Do you have faith he can be healed?" "Yes," they respond.  At this point, the other missionary is thinking what if he doesn't get healed?  They bless him. The first missionary having complete faith that he will be healed. They finish the blessing, and everyone stands up. Including the cartel member that was dead. "Let's go," say the cartel. They get in the car and go. 

Maybe I will never have that type of experience. But it is sufficient that I know that miracles still exist, and that it is by the same power that I hold. Elder Oaks told us that it isn't necessary for us to have all the spiritual gifts. Some are given to us and we need to find out how to use the ones we have been given. Maybe I don't have the gift of healing, but I have what God has given me. In D&C when it describes the gifts of the spirit, it says to some it is given to know, to others it is given to believe on their words (paraphrased).  Elder Oaks said he has the gift to know, but it doesn't mean that we can't gain the same exaltation that he can. I testify of the reality of God and His son. Maybe I don't have a perfect knowledge that they exist, But then it wouldn´t be faith would it?  But I believe in the words of our prophet and apostles, that He lives!

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