Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hi May 30, 2016

 Conferencia de zona Vergel

La verdad es que olvidé mi diario. But anyways... this week we had a zone conference, and it was pretty cool and also stake conference with Elder Valenzuela (area presidency of Mexico).  I have notes and I will share them next week. 

Happy Birthday Becca! hace dos semanas... MI HERMANITA SE VA A LA MISION! still have a few weeks but I'm excited.  Sorry for those of you who don't speak Spanish. I am excited. I testify of the words of my cousin Anastazia. 

Another cycle and I am here in Casas Aleman. This cycle we are going to baptize six people!

Rainy season has started. Good thing is that my shoes don't have holes, so they don't get soaked... so fast.

OK sorry for the short email. 

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