Friday, July 3, 2015

Second Cycle

I'm still in the same area. I just walked and took the metro to a meeting place to meet my new companion. No, I didn't report it because they didn't take anything. The comidas with families are good and healthy, and we have those every day except Mondays.

I think the people that know most about the problems in the ward are the bishop, relief society president, and the missionaries. I think that we are mas o menos in the same situation. It's the place where we are and we are there until the president (or bishop) changes us. My changes will be more frequent, but that makes yours a little easier because you can get used to it and know how to work with the sisters in the ward. It's a great thing that I pray so much, because it helps me a lot. I can pray for patience and all the things I need every hour or more.

​This is a thing we do in Mexico. I don't know if in other missions they do this, but we cover our agendas in photos. This was my second cycle. 

​And this is mine this cycle.

I think you guys should get to be friends with the missionaries more. Because I hardly knew the missionaries in our ward and don't remember any of their names. I dont know if it's harder to get a spot with the missionaries on the list, but here there are some families we eat with almost every week, and we are friends with them.

Oh, and if possible, could you put the song from Nacho Libre (religious man) on my blog, like a background song? :) That would be great.

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