Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All About Food 7/27/2015

So this week we visited an inactive family the Estudiantes and their job is chicharron and carnitas. We actually have five or so Estudiante families in our area that all sell chicharron. Chicharron is pig skin, and carnitas is really good pork. :P :)  Well, the family was separating the skin from the meat from the fat, and they taught us how to do it. My companion doesn't know how to use a knife. It was funny watching him... from a distance. Everything he does is with power. Playing soccer: not accurate, but a powerful kick; Pool: he hits the ball and it flies. But with separating meat, that just doesn't work. He was destroying the skin.  So if any of you have read The Jungle, you should see Mexico. ._. we were literally putting the meat in cardboard boxes on the ground.

When we visit our investigators Flor and Miguel, they work in a tienda so they normally give us something at the end. I saw banana chips and so I thought yeah I'll get those! I'm walking home singing in my mind, "banana chips, banana chips, yummy banana chips."  We got home; I opened them and ate one. Hmm... these don't taste normal. They were fried. Apparently I'm used to dried banana chips. Oh, well, fried is OK. *satisfied fat face* 

OK, now food for the soul. One of our investigators was talking to us about how she started to search for God. She was depressed and at the point of nobody loves me, and about to give up. She walked into her room and on her bed was a tortilla napkin, that was embroidered with: Dios te ama. (God loves you) She is certain that this napkin was not in her house, and why in the world would it be on her bed in any case? That was a powerful sign and she knew it. She started to go to church and try to get close to God. She looked into many religions because none of them seem quite right, not worshiping God, not following the commandments, etc.  I'm really excited for her to find the truth.

I know that God loves each of us, and knows us by name. There is always someone who knows how we feel no matter how bad our situation is, and that person is Jesus Christ. (Alma 7:11-12)  We can always pray and God will help, no matter how lost we are, how far we have gone. He always, always wants to help us return.  All we need to do is ask. Of this I bear testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

​So our fridge is really cold. I froze my eggs. I was trying to crack the egg and I was thinking, "Wow, this egg is really hard.  I didn't hard boil these, right?" At this point, I am dropping the egg from about 2-3 feet onto the hard surface we have, still not breaking. So i try to stick my thumb inside, oooOOoh.  It's frozen. So then I peeled it and cooked it slowly. 

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