Monday, July 20, 2015

Angels and Demons July 20, 2015

These last two weeks we played pool for Pday. It was pretty fun. 

Also we visited Hermano Lopez, the 2nd counselor  of our ward, and he was an anthropologist! We talked the whole time about the connection of the history, myths, and legends of the Nahuatl people with the Book of Mormon. The Nahuatl are the natives of Mexico. The most interesting parts are Quetzalcoatl and the origin of the peoples of the Nahuatl. I have the explanations in the photos. If any of you know my excited face, the one like Chris Pratt, I had that face pretty much the whole time we were talking about this. There are soooooo many things. 

You know I really like being a missionary. People for the majority are nice to us. I think that most of the the time they aren't, but it's enough that it feels like it. People in Mexico have respect for missionaries, for example in the northern states, the cartel protects missionaries. But here it is just being nice like giving us free stuff, and especially letting us in their homes, because we are strangers, but they do it anyway.

I really like Spanish. I still get moments of "Wow, I'm speaking Spanish." (I think I say that in every email) Its enough now that I can understand drunk people and little kids just as much as I do in English. which isn't much.

The Elders from the area of Hacienda told us a story the other day: They have an investigator who is very intelligent and has been studying a religion. They love this investigator because he understands lots of the principles of what we teach without them teaching him, and he is not crazy at all. At the end of a lesson, he pulls out two wooden sticks and gives them to the Elders. He says, "I have mine and my wife has hers, I want you to have these, imbue them with your power." The religion he has been studying is Wika. At the end of four years he will be a Mage. o_o 

*disclaimer* Magic is not something to be messed with. It is only the power of Satan, and cannot be used for good. These Elders only have wooden sticks and nothing else.

Another story from our mission related to that: There was an Elder who had injured his knee and he knew of one of these mages in his area. He went to him and his knee was "healed." Later in an interview with the president of the mission, the President asked, "How did your knee heal so fast?" The Elder responded, then the president said, "I could tell. I could see from the door that there are two demons holding your knee in place." He then rebuked the demons and immediately the elder´s knee broke. 

See? not to be messed with.

On another subject, I really like that we do exercise every morning. I am going to come back ripped. Just to let you all know. Since we don't go to the gym anymore, I have learned a bunch of body-weight exercises.

​The two bent sticks symbol is that of Quetzalcoatl. And the cross is their conception of the universe.

​I think this is the most interesting. There are seven tribes of the Nahuatl, and seven that are described in the Book of Mormon.

I win. I have the most interesting mission. How many missionaries can say I have a book of scriptures that talk about your ancestors, to their investigators? Me, that's who.

Oh, and also the place where Quetzalcoatl lives means "El Lugar Dos" or to say that two Gods live there. Eh? God and Jesus. Very interesting.

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