Monday, July 20, 2015

Castles, Bacon, and Eggs July 6, 2015

I think this cycle might be a long one. I don't think my comp likes me. But as I have heard apparently he doesn't "fall well" with anybody. (to literally translate from the spanish: cae bien) It's kinda weird because he is sociable but not friendly. And he walks about as slowly as a jack rabbit. I think the farthest he's gotten away from me is about 50 feet. He doesn't like to walk and at these times I'm not even walking fast. I don't know how he does it because he is a good 6-8 inches shorter than me. 

The other week we visited Hna. Esperanza, and when we left she gave us a bag of galletas. (cookies) Whenever she gives us stuff, I feel bad because she has just enough for her son and herself, but she won't let us not take it. When we got back to the apartment at night, I opened the bag, and inside, it wasn't cookies. It was Wheat Thins! I love Wheat Thins! It was an excellent surprise.

This past Sunday Daniel got baptized! It was a cool experience and it was cool to see how happy their daughter Daniela was. There is a cool story with Daniela: I don't know how long ago, but she had a dream that they all, as a family, got married in a castle. Sometime later as they passed by the temple, Daniela said, "Look mami, there is the castle where we are going to get married!" At this point, no one had taught Daniela about temples or that we get married there. And Daniel was not interested in the church at this time. But now, in a year, they will be sealed in the temple, as a family, for time and all eternity.

On Thursday we had divisions, and when we went to the other area, we went in the metro. Then more people got on at the next station, OK this is a little crowded. Then at the next station more people got on. At this point I couldn't move. Two stations later and with even more people, we didn't have the ability to get off at our exit. We had to wait for 4 more stations, for the other side doors to open, then we could go back to the station we wanted.

This Fourth of July, I think I was the most patriotic I have ever been. I celebrated with bacon, eggs and pancakes. I was singing patriotic songs, and the armed forces songs, and I colored my schedule like an American flag. 'Murica.

This Sunday we had investigators attend church!!! including Flor and Miguel! I am so excited because I believe they now feel more comfortable with the idea of getting baptized.

I realized what had helped me so much with learning the language: scripture study and prayer. I started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish three months before my mission and in the CCM, I only prayed in Spanish. That helped me a lot.


​Went bowling today. I haven't lost it yet.

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