Monday, August 10, 2015


Sorry. I don't have a lot to say this week. Since I knew that I was going to change my area, my companion didn't work with me. Almost literally stopped being my companion. I'm not going to complain more, because I could, but just to say what is going on. 

OK, one thing. He doesn't believe in science. Like literally. We were with a member and he was talking about the Jurassic World movie. When the member said that dinosaurs existed, my companion rolled his eyes. Rolled his eyes.... what? Anyway that's enough. 

I had changes! I am now in Azteca. Like four metro stations away but it looks sooo different. [Mom comment: Four metro stations away.  That must be something people in the big city say.  What is that measurement???  Funny boy.]  Yeah like in the country they use fursees, or the distance of how far you can see.  Here we see across the street.  [Mom: LOL.] LOL K? hahaha im using spanglishtexting language.  [Mom: LOL the fursees!]  Our apartment is bigger and we will see how it is. My new companion is Elder Gonzalez. He has about 100 ties or so. There are literally ties everywhere in our apartment. 

I was a little sad to leave my area but excited to leave and go to a new area. 
We went to the visitors center yesterday and i saw one of my teachers from the CCM!  Hno. Silva! It was fun to see him and I can tell now how slow he was talking to us in the CCM.

Oh and today I went to get my hair cut. It was in a professional salon, so right now I look really good. (I know. I'm humble.)  And the person who cut our hair is a member, but only like baptized as a kid. The reason this is interesting is because well, she, I believe, at one point... was a he. :¡ but my hair looks really good. She/he really knows hair. 

It was fun to meet Elder Eichmier´s mom because she was like, "Wow missionaries!" "Wow you speak english!" "Wow i have to take a picture!"

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