Monday, August 10, 2015

My new Area. My new Ward. My new Companion.

Holy Moly, I am in Paradise. My companion sings and plays guitar. He has one. My ward sings. I don't know if you guys know how amazing that is. It's like a normal ward in the EEUU (USA in Mexican), but it is incredible here.  And they have a pìanist. And the ward is great. I don't really know the area yet, but I love it. I don't know how to describe everything that is awesome of this ward. The members are just great.  There is a family that reminds me of my family: they all sing, play instruments, and are awesome. And they sell really good hamburgers. That's not like my family, but it just makes them more great.

So you know how I said my companion has like 150 ties? I was wrong he has about 600. THAT IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION. That is an estimate. He taught me how we can wash ties, iron ties, and how to fix them. That way we can buy ties from tianguisª.
I found a nice pink tie the other day.  All I had to do was a little bit of fixing, iron it and it looks magnificent.

ª I dont believe I have talked about tianguis. Tianguis are great. They are when the street gets converted into a market for a day.  They are easy to spot in Google Maps because the street is covered in tarps. They sell everything, from food, meat and vegetables, bikes, motor parts, tupperware, dvds, music, clothes, pretty much anything. The only bad thing is that the tarps were put up with Mexicans in mind. I have to duck a lot.  

I was just thinking the other day, "Wow, it's normal to wake up, get dressed in white shirt and tie, speak and think in a different language, and talk to complete strangers. And I've been doing that for nearly 6 months." Just the other day I talked to a taxi driver, and if you know me before the mission, that's incredible.  Yes, that's right. I said nearly Six Months. What the heck? I don't know if it has gone that fast for you, mom, but for me, boom, six months gone. What is 18 more? (a lot) :)

Evidence that my companion has a lot of ties. And those are not all. There are ties everywhere.

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