Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aug 24, 2015 I'm a Winner!

So I think I win again. I'm pretty sure I'm the first of my "generation" of missionaries to get robbed. Well, of friends, not those here in Mexico. MOM: nothing really happened. I'm fine. The Story: We were sitting in a park waiting for an investigator. Waiting for a while. Then this guy on a bike came up to us and asked, "Whatcha doin?" (Notice I'm making this more American.)  We answered, "Waiting for someone who we normally teach here."  He started talking to us about what we do, then started talking to us that he has problems, and wants to change. (Tricky person, he knew that would grab our attention.)  He asked for our cellphone to call his mom. Elder Rosado said no (smart) and I, being the nice person I am, thought he really had to call his mom, and said yes. (not so smart)  He picked it up, looked at it and put it down on the table. I was thinking, maybe he will call later. We kept talking for a bit, he gave us some sort of sealed candy thing, talked and abruptly left. I looked down to pick up the phone to give the reference he gave, and the phone was gone. I realize that the candy was a slight of hand trick now, and that was when he took the phone. The thing that is the worst about the phone being stolen is not the phone itself, but the contacts. We lost all of them.

Then the Lord knew I needed a pickmeup, so we were able to find a family that is ready to accept the gospel and that was really nice. 

In other words, I have heard that when a missionary is getting drenched by rain, his future wife is getting prettier. I'm excited.  That's why I don't carry an umbrella. Just kidding. I carry an umbrella; I just get soaked anyway.

For those who don't know the tradition, at six months you burn a tie.

Elder Gonzalez (I'll send one of Elder Rosado next week.)

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