Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aug 17, 2015

It's six months tomorrow. Woo. I'm 1/4th the way home, Mom.  Don't worry. I don't know if tianguis has a singular form.

I saw a picture  of Ethan and Lindsay. That was cool that Ethan could see her. Ethan is excited to go on the mission and puts in his papers in a month. I'm excited too. I'm excited every time I hear someone is going on a mission or on the mission. It just makes me think of the scripture when Alma reunites with his friends and their joy was full because they were brethren in the work of the Lord. (really paraphrased) Send my congratulations to Karissa. :) Ahhhh. I'm happy reading these emails. 

First off, I'm training, guys! What the heck? I only learned the day of, three days ago that my companion was leaving. Then the next day, President told me I was going to be training a new elder who is waiting for his visa. His name is Elder Rosado, and he is from Guatemala.  I'm excited and nervous to start training. I am with him now and it is our first day. I have been with the zone leaders these past few days, but now I'm back. I hope I can do well training, because I barely know the area. 

Sorry for the short email, but love you guys!

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