Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Father's Day

The finances are fine. I would like more, but then I would eat more. I would like to think that I would eat more healthy foods, but let's be honest. I would buy cookies.

Sofa: Yes, we got a new sofa and it's cool, but it's leather so I sweat when I sleep on it.

Missing: Yes. It's not like I want to come home or not be here, but I want to be home. It's nothing to worry about, just my feelings. I am still working hard.
It's definitely warm enough, and we have a tiny little fan that doesn't do anyrthing. But the nights are cool enough.
For clothes I'm good, but I would have liked that I only had 2 long sleeve shirts and more short sleeved. My ties are multiplying. I have more than 2 times more ties now than I had when I arrived. (15)

Flor and Miguel finally accepted to be baptized!  I'm really excited. I hope they can progress and change their lives to be ready to be baptized.  Flor and Miguel are investigadors that have had like 4 sets of elders, and I am really glad that they could accept our invitation to be baptized.

So my first 12 weeks in the mission are over and I have a new companion: Elder Villanueva. It's kinda weird but kinda refeshing. I haven't gotten used to him yet so we´ll see how it goes. Also Elder Te, who I was with in the CCM, is training! it's crazy. One weird thing that our mission president did is that now we don't have the meeting for cambios we just go to our new area. Alone. What?! It was really weird to walk alone to meet my new companion.

So... um I got assaulted yesterday. It was interesting and I didn't have that much fear. And even weirder, they didn't take anything. They just kind of patted our pockets and saw our phone and that it sucks, and left. They were high and I believe God helped them to want to leave. Because I happened to be carrying my camera, and that would have sucked. I am grateful we are under God´s protection.   

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