Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Snake Oil

We have power again. But at the moment we don't have any food.

Oh and Por Su Luz is not By the Light of the Silvery Moon.  It's a hymn. I don't know which though.

Today we went to try out some massage beds that cure all sorts of problems. O_O... ok Hernandez. For any of you who know what snake oil is, well yeah, this bed is snake oil. First of all, they have you sit waiting for your turn, listening to testimonies of people who have been "cured", and explaining the magical properties of the stones in the bed, that you can also buy as all sorts of jewelry. The "precious stones that can only be found deep in the earth", happen to be stones that are found on the surface. Well, at least four of the five, because I don't know what the fifth was. Then after all this hyping up, you go and lie on a bed that heats up almost to the point of burning with a cheap rolling massage. Yeah, so today I wasted 2 hours for that.

What happened with the power was that the electric company is changing from subterranean wires to overhead. And they cut the power and then started working on putting up the wires. O.o After a week without power we have power again. I was able to use my oil lamp for a day and then we bought candles. Since we had no power to our fridge, we were buying food day to day. We were walking home after buying some food and we passed a dog and the dog attacked Elder Hernandez. Luckily it didn't bite him, but it did bite his milk. The milk exploded and was lost. Elder Hernandez literally just bought milk and some pan and now only had pan without milk to drink with it. It was sad.

One thing America, that you need to learn from Mexico: Trix has fruit shapes.

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