Monday, May 25, 2015

No Hay Luz, No Hay Luz

(the title is sung to the tune of Por Su Luz)

We haven't had electricity in our apartment for four days now.  All our food that was in the fridge is spoiled, and just yesterday i got a "candle" to work. (a glass dish, with a napkin in oil) I had been working with some rubbing alcohol to try and make a lamp or something, but it kept flaming out. Yesterday I remembered the scriptures and the parable of the ten virgins. They used oil in their lamps! That, boys and girls is the reason for reading the scriptures. ;) 

Disclaimer: That was sarcasm. The scriptures are a vital tool in our learning here on the earth, for spiritual things.  (and for making lamps and strategems for wars and such ;)

Since we don't have electricity, on the second day we ran out of water, because the pump wasn't working. On the third day we showered with buckets manually scooped from the place where the apartment holds water. And yes, it was cold.

We have a new investigator, who was raised a Jehovah´s Witness. There are only really two obstacles there. One: Jehovah´s Witnesses don't believe in revelation. Yeah, it's kind of a big obstacle, but since he was only raised Testigo de Jehova, he was able to think past that. Two: that Jehova is God our Heavenly Father, not Jesus Christ. That one is harder to overcome. But he is progressing well and is married to a member. We hope to baptize him within this cycle (4 weeks left in this cycle). 

The work is a bit slow for us right now because we aren't getting very many new investigators that progress. (They have one lesson with us then never answer the door after that, or are always busy)

(Mom comment:  How was your week?)
It was good except for losing my food that was in the fridge. I lost my yogurt which I don't usually buy because I don't have enough money.  And the work is a bit slow right now because we don't really have many investigators to fill our schedule with.  We have citas but we don't have anyone to visit when we don't have citas. I have moments when I think, "Wow, I'm understanding Spanish not just translating it to English."

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