Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Sending me photos by mail sounds good and I'll hope it gets here. It's weird to think about Zak, Graham, Cody and Max already coming home. In no time it will be me.

Yeah we had a baptismal date set last week and now we have four. YAY!  (Mom comment:  Wow, he must be in Mexico.)

(Mom sent a letter about the parable of the sower, Matthew 13)
Exactly. We here are the sowers and we just throw as many seeds as we can, those seeds are faith, and we can only give so much fertilizer, and even with that the soil could still be hard.

Yes, enjoying the gym. We try to go every day but sometimes we want to sleep. There is a companionship in our zone of sisters but for one of them it is her last cycle, so either we will get a new sister or lose one. (Mom comment: Every 6 weeks is a cycle.  Then some elders and sisters are transferred to new areas to work.)

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