Monday, May 25, 2015


This week we visited Hermana Esperanza and she pretty much talked the whole time.  She talked about how the Lord gives her everything. She really has a perfect faith and hope of God. She has just enough money to pay for her food and other necessities. She knows that it all comes from God, and that all the thanks goes to Him. She also talked about how the Lord has taken care of her through the many doctors that have given free service. And I mean MANY. She just kept talking about this doctor that gave her free service, and that doctor. And she also has a great understanding of God's plan for her and that soon He will say it's time, and she will go. and she has no fear but only hope.

We had an investigator that we found this week in the church building. We'll see how it turns out.  This week has been a bit slow for lack of appointments.  We now are the only set of missionaries in our building because the other set of elders do not like to obey rules and don't think at all before they act. They bothered the land lady too much and she called the president of our mission, and now they are gone. Life will be a bit more peaceful in our apartment now. 

I will send a pic of the bread recipe next week.  Also we made flan. it was more thick than normal but was good.

You sent the email just in time.  I was about to log off.  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA!!!!  I ate some flan for your birthday.

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