Monday, May 25, 2015

1 Cycle Down

Last week a metro went off the rails about 6 stations away from us. I think 17 people were injured and none dead. It was a little stressful because we had just left another companionship who took that line back to their area. We called them, and they didn't even know about it.

So Cinco de Mayo. Yeah, nothing happened. But Mother's Day, they celebrate. Like big parties, and less people come to church. It was really nice to call home. Everybody asked if I cried. What am I? Human? I'm a robot. jk but it's only been three months.  I'm sure I could for Christmas.

Sunday I baptized Ariadne, and her mom, Adriana, was baptized by her brother (Ariadne's uncle). It was cool to do it. I was nervous I would mess it up because it was in Spanish, but it was fine. It was kind of weird to find them, because we found them in the sacrament meeting. We kinda just thought they were members and then Oscar (the uncle) said to us, "Hey, you guys should teach my sister and niece." One thing lead to another and they got baptized.

Exchanges were yesterday. (One cycle down (a cycle is six weeks))  In our zone, we lost Hemana Lovell and Elder Hernandez to the outside world, and Elder Rodriguez and Perez and Hermana Jones to different zones. We got Hermanas: Young and Chavez and Elders: Valencia and the cousin of Elder Medina.

Earlier in the week Elder Lopez came into our apartment and said we need to take out your couch. OK... they threw it away.  What?!  We don't know why.  We were sad for the whole week, everytime we came in and saw that our couch was not there. Good news: we got a new couch because a member was throwing out theirs. The new one looks cooler but is a bit smaller. But we have a couch :)

This week I baked bread in the microwave. I was suprised it worked. No, I didn't just think, "Hmmm, I wonder if this will work."  We got some recipes from Hermana Adriana.

My first Baptism. The Family Urgel.

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