Monday, April 27, 2015

Why I ate the habanero

(Mom comment:  I asked why he ate the habanero.)  Eating the habanero was to make me more Mexican. :) Hmmm, I don't know. I eat a lot more picante food than other white elders at my time in the mission. 

I speak English maybe 1% of the time. I eat in Spanish, pray in Spanglish, I'm getting to the point of understanding most of what is said to me. For lunch, we eat with members, and I occasionally cook breakfast: french toast, pancakes or eggs. Otherwise it is cereal or a sandwich. (or cookies) :)

This week was a little rough on the side of appointments. The first two days, none of our appointments came through, but at the end of the day we went to a birthday party for one of the older sisters in our ward and there was a lot of dessert, and quite a few people in a little house.  

We started going to a gym this week and it's great to wake myself up and to get strong again. It makes the days a bit longer though.  On Saturday, we went to eat with a member and we were eating and then the rest of the family came in with some more chicken. At this point, I was thinking. gracias pero yo estoy bien. (I didn't really want it.) But then I was given one and when I bit in, HOLY guacamole, it was actual BBQ!  So I ate three more large pieces of chicken. And yesterday we went to a baptism of the other elders in our ward. And afterwards we got two of our investigators to commit to baptism!  Then we had a lesson with two people we contacted in the street and they were very receptive.  We taught a whole lesson. (Normally we teach half, or even just one point, so that the investigator can understand well.) 

Can you send me some photos? I want to show pictures. That is something that I should have brought.

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