Monday, April 20, 2015

Week Three

Wow time flies! It's already been 3 weeks in Mexico City. I'm writing great emails? They seem short compared to others I've seen.

Mexican style shredded cheese is a lie. There is no cheddar cheese here. :,(

We are going to see Conozca a Los Mormones in the visitors center with some investigators this week. It should prove to be fun. The work is picking up a little bit. We have more investigators now. We hope to be able to baptize in May.

On Saturday, we ate a ton of food. First, we went to a member's house to help them clean out their "garage" ( the garages here are where the front yard would be, and you walk through to get to the house.) They fed us breakfast. I ate like 8 pancakes, then at our next cita (appointment) they bought us pancakes from a street vendor. These particular investigators like to give us stuff (we teach them in their tienda (store)) Then we had lunch with a member family. Then our next cita, we talked with for the rest of the day and they have a little food stall they put up at night. Since I hadn't tried sopas or pambasos, they gave us them. Sopas are tortillas with beans, cheese and lettuce on them, and pombasos are sandwiches with potatoes, meat, cheese inside and then sauce on the outside.

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