Sunday, April 12, 2015

General Conference April 6, 2015

SO, interesting thing is that my companion and I are in a area that hasn't had missionaries for awhile, so we are just trying to find people. We have no investigators as of yet. Yesterday we had almost four straight hours of walking because none of the people we planned to visit were home. I am understanding Spanish little by little. It should be no time before I'm fluent. (max. 2 years) We play Risk at night with the companionship in the same apartment as us occasionally. My companion is nice and knows some English but doesn't speak it. It's good for me to understand Spanish. The houses here aren't consistenty numbered, so it is hard to find people's houses most of the time. Here instead of eating with members for dinner, we eat with them for lunch. I don't talk that much because I don't really understand the conversation, but I get the general idea of the conversation.

Then there is the mystery of the lipstick. It just shows up. We just find a smudge on the floor, or on a shoe, or on our hands, or anywhere. It is on three of my shirts and two of my pants. We keep cleaning, but it keeps appearing. We have no I\idea where it is coming from, or how it is getting on us.

General Conference was cool but I wish I could have understood it completely. There were not a lot of people at the church watching. Favorite parts:(disclaimer: I am not sure this is what they said, but it's what I heard.) 
Eyring: Talked about how fast offerings help people all over the world. And I thought about how grateful we should be to have consistently hot water, health and safety codes, and stable buildings.
Anderson(70): Compared knowing and feeling the spirit to dancing. You have to first know the steps, then you have to feel the music to dance. And to hear the music you have to be in tune. In regards to the spirit, you have to do the correct things to keep in tune with the spirit to hear the spirit, then listen and dance.
Cook: Sunflowers always point to the sun. So must we always look to the light. If there is anything lovely of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.
Holland: I always love Elder Holland's talks and I wish I could have completely understood it. What I got was the story of the brothers climbing and they got stuck. The elder brother pushed his brother to safety, and realizing the only way to escape his situation was to jump. He knew it was life or death and he jumped. He jumped with enough adrenaline to reach the ledge, but there was no hold. He knew that was it, he was gone. Then his little brother's hands grabbed his and didn't let go. I didn't hear the comparison Elder Holland used but what I thought of was the mercy of Jesus. We need to do all we can do. It is life or death. And we can't do it by ourselves. And only after we do all we can do, He saves us. 

Then I think it was Zebellos: Did he use my favorite quote? The Cheshire Cat quote. "Could you tell me where I ought to go from here?" "Well, that very much depends where you want to go." 

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