Monday, April 20, 2015

Week Two in the Field

Whooo. It's crazy being in the field. I am doing contacts pretty much by myself. (Contacts is talking to people on the street and inviting them to hear our message; Elder Hernandez clarifies what I say and try to set a date to teach.) 

This week, I ate a Habañero. It was to help me with my Spanish. We were eating at a member's house with the other companionship in our ward. We were talking about learning Spanish and Hermana Guaderama goes to the kitchen and puts the Habañero on my and Elder Boyle's (white missionary of 4 months) plate. We both put it in our mouth, and the first bite wasn't bad. I thought, this tastes like a bell pepper. Then my whole body flushed with heat. It wasn't that bad in my mouth (and by that I mean burning) but my body reacted. My face was soooo red and I was crying. Then I opened my mouth. Air makes it worse. I ate salt to calm it down.

We made a journey this week as well. Elder Hernandez had an appointment with a eye doctor, so we went outside our zone. *gasp* We took the metro for 40 minutes to the end of the line, then got on a different line for another 20, then another line for 5 minutes. Then we walked for 15 minutes to the hospital. He got his new prescription an hour later. There was a Krispy Kreme in the hospital so we treated ourselves. The Krispy Kreme donuts here are different as well, they are kind of drier, less fatty feeling. I kind of like it but I kind of want American donuts. Then we took a micro back. It was much simpler.

Explanation of public transportation here: from small to big:
Motos. They are just motorcycles with a covered bench attachment. They work the same as taxis but only on one side of the metro. They cost about ten pesos to go across our area (25 minutes walking). 
Taxis: I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a taxi is. Costs about 6-7 pesos a minute.
Micros: Small buses that are a fixed cost. Ranging from 4-6 pesos (up to 10 for more than 6 km).
Metro: 5 pesos. Very cheap for long distance travel.

We walk a lot. It has been 3 or 4 days that we have walked our entire area in a day. We are tired all the time.

Street food is good. So far I have had tacos and tortas. They are really good.

Funny thing yesterday, we got contacted by a missionary of a different church. He gave us a booklet: El Evangelio de San Juan. It was the book of John from the Bible. I gave him one of our cards having the web address for Gracias a que Él Vive video, but I should have given him a Libro de Mormon.

On Sunday, we went to a normal church service and we have a mascot. There is a dog from the street that sits on the grass of the church property. We are trying to train him not to go in the building. There is like one person in our ward that can sing. And we don't have a pianist. o_O

​The Zone. Elders: Velez, Hernandez, (member), I forgot, Murphy, Lopez, Padilla, ME!, Hernandez (My comp), Eichmeir, Te, Guerra, Perez. And Hermana: I forgot her name as well, and the other Hermana is not in the picture.

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