Friday, June 26, 2015

News from the Mission Field

Have I always had this mole under my eye?

For a person who is deceased and maybe doesn't have family, what needs to be done so that a person can do their temple work? A member wants to do the work for a deceased neighbor.  (Mom comment: We usually only do work for relatives. You would need permission from the nearest living relative.  You need a birthdate and place, death date and place.)

(Mom comment:  A friend Kyle Yano was over and threw in a quick line to Ryan on my email.  Ryan's friend Josh is at the Mexico City CCM right now.)
Sup Yano. I was just thinking about Josh, and that If I stand on our roof I can almost see the CCM.

(Mom comment:  Ryan must be doing well and staying busy.  His emails are getting shorter and shorter!)

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