Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This week was pretty normal.

We went to the doctor like four times. 
Elder Hernandez has a little problem with his ankle so we went to the mission doctor. She sent us to get an xray and it turns out he has an extra little bone in his foot. 

As well another elder in our district (three guesses for his name. hint: hes from Utahuacan (Utah) yes his name is Smith) has a similar problem but he can't work because he can't walk. He had an ingrown toenail. o_o well they took out the toenail, but still... dude. So I went on divisions with him to go to the doctor.

As well Hernandez y yo went to to the dentist. On the way there we were contacted by some Testigos (mom comment: Jehovah's Witnesses). Apparently getting contacted doesn't happen much, but it's already happened to me twice in three months. They gave us a little TJ magazine that said, "Are you prepared for The End?"  When we were reading it on the way to the dentist, we came across a part that said, "Did you know the second coming of Christ has a time and date?" Dang they know when! then we read it and it pretty much said yes it has a time and date. 0-0 Thanks Sherlock. 

In other TJ news: Our investigator that was a TJ accepted a baptismal date! We want him to ask about his doubts because we know there are a lot of conflicts with what TJs believe.
​I was bored while Elder Hernandez was reporting, so I balanced my pens.

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