Thursday, August 18, 2016

Un Mango Según Su Fe Jul 11, 2016

We had transfers! Now I am with Elder Dominguez. Still in Casas Aleman. It's cool and I hope to have a great time working with Elder Dominguez.

This week we contacted a person on the street that was washing his car. Elder Paz always asks if we can help. He said no so then we presented ourselves and started talking. Something came up and Elder Paz asked if the Bull Terrier (the ugly fighting dogs, mascot of target) that was tied up across the street was his. And was saying "Oh, they are really aggressive right?" and he said "No, just with cats and other dogs. Go pet him. He's really calm." My companion responds, "No thanks, many people have said that their dog isn´t aggressive." "You know that sounds like a man of little faith. " Then Elder Paz pulls out a rat trap out that he uses for a faith/confidence test. "I want to see how big is your faith." (The test is that he springs the trap to show it works, then secretly takes off the spring, arms it, and asks the person to spring the trap, promising that nothing will happen.)  So he touches it, then says, "Now go pet my dog. That was the agreement, right?" Elder Paz´ face changes. "No. There was no agreement." Then I roll my eyes and I go to pet the dog. " Alli está. No pasa nada." (There you go. Nothing happened.)  Then the man goes inside his house, saying, "I have something for you."  When he comes back, "A mango according to your faith." He hands me a big mango, and from behind his back pulls out a tiny mango for elder Paz. (about 1 1/2 in) AHAHAHAHHA! That's my funny story for the week.

We also had a zone conference with President Naumann. It was mainly to present himself and his family, but he talked about Priesthood keys, and some misconceptions that sometimes we teach. Only presidents have keys. Deacons, teachers, priests, elders, high priests, seventies, apostles, first presidency, mission, and temple presidents. It was really cool. He talked about how the confirmation is a literal confirmation of the baptism done by the spirit. He said that he is going to do more classes like it, but on the questions we had during this class. (temple stuff!)

and...I love to hear about home. It makes me more sad when I don't hear. 

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