Monday, August 22, 2016

New Transfer Cycle July 18, 2016

I am still in Casas Alemán, but my new companion is Elder Dominguez! He was in my last zone and now we are companions!  I'm excited. He's really cool and I hope we can stay together for longer than just six weeks. 

President Naumann has made a few changes to the way we count lessons. I always thought 20 lessons as a goal? I guess that's how it is outside of Mexico. But really just our numbers were inflated. Now we are going to count the lesson good, and it will really show our work not just numbers. I'm really excited with all the changes that Pres is making. Right now the number of baptisms is the lowest it has been in 8 years for the mission. But we are making changes to be able to Baptize more people. He explained that in one point in the mission, they baptized 1115 people in one month. All of us think: but now they are less actives. But really the percentage of less actives is the same, if we baptize 20 or 1115 the same percentage will go inactive. Better baptize more people, no? 

​After 17 long months, I found Bagels! Who knew they would be in the freezer section?

​If you want to see my new president and his family, they are in the new pamphlet of service and learning in the church. page 12. Interesting thing is that President Naumann is Chilean, his wife is Finnish, and their children were born in the US.

Zone activity in the Sports park, the only one in the mission, and its huge! It takes up a third part of the Zone leader´s area.

Have a good week!

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