Monday, March 7, 2016

Grandma Haggard passed away this week

This week we met a lady named Esperanza, while she was cleaning her garage. When we came to visit and talk with her, she was carrying a bucket around the park in front of her house, watering the trees. She is a perfect, cute grandma. And even more surprising is that is she is 91 years old. 91. And she sees better than my companion. Walks around, lifts stuff, and is very active. She is just pretty cool in general. And she accepted our message very well. Saying that she is Catholic, but not like most Catholics, because she doesn't believe certain things (the things that are changed).   

Also I contacted a lady with a lot of tattoos, and she was very accepting of a visit from us. Elder Lopez said he didn't think she would accept, but it shows that we shouldn't look on the outside, but for the spirit of people. 

On Sunday, we talked about making the Sabbath day a delight, like in the leader general conference from last October. I really liked it. Like when Elder Bednar talked about Sunday should be like a refreshing drink on a hot day. And Elder Cook talked about after the church services, talking with the family about what they learned during the sacrament meeting and Sunday School. And sing.

​One reason why I miss dryers. It fell from the line.

​Instead of going to buy lunch today, we made hamburgers, with a Mexican twist of course. 🌶😁

And there is a wonderful part of what we teach as missionaries, and what we know as members. Sometimes I see funerals where people are completely broken down and crying. Some people think they will never see them again. But we know that we can see our loved ones again. Seeing a funeral in the church this week, and knowing that my grandma died this week, it wasn't like that. Sure it's sad, but we have hope. We know it isn't that sad, because now they are resting. Like my dad said, [She] is in a beautiful place and is comforted and is of clear mind and probably doing cartwheels in heaven with a new found physical ability and freedom. It's just beautiful in that way that we know The Plan of Salvation.

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  1. That would be really cool if she were doing cartwheels.