Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hi March 2, 2016


This week we had transfers. I am still in Joyas, but now I am with Elder Cadena from Colombia. We´ll see how it goes. I haven't seen much progress in this area, but I'm here to learn something at least. 

What is it with people hitting me on the head? The other day we were walking down the street, and an old guy comes up to shake my hand, then switch grip, fist bump, tap up, down, side, side, fist bump, and backwards handshake thing. Then hits me on my forehead "for good luck." OK.

27 February 2016 04:20 hours

*Crash rumble* I jolt awake, heart pounding. Was there an earthquake? "Earthquake?" I ask? "No, look at the window."  I dont see anything, looking for movement. "What?" "Look at the window." I look closer for something...  then a cat pokes his head through the curtains. "Ahhh!" I shoo it away.  Freaking cat, trying to sleep with me, without even going on a date first.

Now a little poem: 

The Book is Blue
The Church is true
If you were a Pokemon
I would choose you.

Tenga una buena semana y que puede tener la guía de Dios.

We ate ribs for Elder Lopez´ BIrthday. like 5 dollars.  I get jealous when you guys send nature pictures, so I send Food pictures.

Hows that for a mug?

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