Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 14, 2016

Woo. This week. Well, I don't know how some people write so much about their week.  We are definitely working a lot more in the area now. It really helps when your companion wants to work. This week we had 62 lessons. Only 15 were with investigators, but I hope that many of the people we taught will soon be investigators.

Always be prepared. Some time ago I lost my chapstick. As i thought that it would soon be the rainy season, I thought I wouldn't need it for some time. You were wrong, buddy!  This week there was a freak wind storm. A warm air mass and a cold air mass collided and caused a Santa Ana winds type of winds (except it wasn't warm) but since that isn't common here, it caused quite a bit of damage.. to trees, buildings, and my lips. My lips look like a dry lake bed, so remember, be prepared.  Becca would have been prepared.. with her seven chapsticks.

I don't know what more to write. I could write all the responses we get when we try to talk to people. Some are pretty funny. Most of them are: We are catholic./! or some just: no... no. others like: Nobody is home.(answering the door)  or:  The Señora isn't home.  (literal translation is Mrs, but it sounded weird) and others. It's funny that now I don't get sad at rejections. I kind of laugh at their responses.

Oh and I miss bagels. I tried to find some today, but I just couldn't find any.

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