Thursday, December 31, 2015

I feel obligated to put something about 2016 in my title DEC 28, 2015

Kyndal´s companion is waiting for her visa to go to the California Irvine mission!  Look for her. And if she happens to be in the ward at some point, send me a picture!

As the year reaches its end, I realize that I started my mission in the beginning of the year. Seeing some people say that they only have one call [phone call home] left, makes me think, "Didn't you start after me?" But, yeah, they did because they are sister missionaries. But still, I have two left. Wow. Time flies. It flies like a turkey right before Thanksgiving. (For those of you who don't think that turkeys fly, look it up. They fly fast.)  I hope you all had a great Christmas!  It was awesome to be able to call home once more. It was great to see everyone. It's a little bit of pressure being the first one to go on the mission from the cousins. But it's good pressure. 

On Christmas Eve, we went to the zone leaders' apartment and had a traditional dinner of pizza and chips. Then we played phase 10, Uno, and Risk.  Risk was last and the one that took the most time. Let's just say that I got 4 hours of sleep. 😁 Then Christmas we got up and went to our areas. Nothing special. The Christmas time in which we think would be great to accept the gospel message, everyone is receptive to the spirit of the holidays so also to the spirit. Not really. There were about 20 people that I saw in the whole day. But then calling home gave me the boost I needed to survive. Thanks everyone for being awesome. It was cool seeing the pictures of friends on the mission with their families via Skype. 

Zone Picture

Samuel the Lamanite

Maria and Jose

The Star of the Show

Christmas Risk

#zonebluesteel and Elder Lugo

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