Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy new start!

Happy New Year!
And Happy Birthday to Me!

There are at least two reasons those are significant. One, I'm two decades old.  Two, I have nearly spent a year in the mission, and this year will be completely in the mission. And also my age is easier to say now.  Diecinueve, now veinte. Today I put on my Happy Birthday Tie, and set out to conquer the day.

An investigator that lives in Nagoya, Japan, was in my sacrament meeting yesterday. He doesn't know Spanish, but luckily he knows English, so I translated for him. (A little.  I could have done a better job.)  And gave him a Spanish Book of Mormon because he wanted one. His name is Mesaya Niwa. He's been listening to the missionaries for quite a while and he looked for the church building all by himself!

Today we went bowling and went to the sushi bar again, because it's my birthday. 😎

I'm ready for the work to pick up again and have people to visit. Yesterday we found 5 new investigators. Woo. I love when that happens. Especially when it's a prompting to turn here and start knocking doors. And the second door, they invited us in. They knew it was for something that we knocked on their door. I see a family baptism in the future! YAY!

Oh, and a comment on the family we found. It was really cool because their son was in a motorcycle accident and now he is in bed all the time, quite a bit of damage there. But we had a short spiritual lesson about the resurrection and how we will have perfect bodies. It was very espiritual and really cool.

​Do you want to eat something without taste or smell? I don't. 
But apparently that's something to put on the box for advertising.

​What ya doing handsome? I'm making butter, because the butter here sucks.

​Are there reasons to believe what the Bible says?      Yes. At least two.     Bahahahhaaha Jevovah's Witnesses. They stole your line Connor!
[Mom comment:  Why is this funny?]   When Connor was in a marching band competition, a school arrived with a bunch of buses. When asked how many people he thought they had, connor said, "At least two". And that has been a phrase with from that day on. 

​Awww yeah! Birthday tie!

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