Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Adventures of a Haggard Traveler Jan. 11, 2016

This week on The Adventures of a Haggard Traveler, we will see insects, ancient native weapons, new people, and food.

On Thursday, we went on divisions. I stayed in our area, and Elder Flores was with me. We contacted a lot. We found 6 new investigators. And one of the ways I liked that we contacted was by singing. I broke the barrier and was really effective. It brings the spirit really quickly and helps show that we believe in Christ. I liked singing "Nearer My God to Thee".  It happened like this: "Hi, we´re missionaries ...not right now thanks ...but we´d like to sing you a hymn, 15 seconds.  OK.  *We sing, and other little message* When can we come by to share more of this message? Baptize me.  OK, it wasn't quite that way, but we have an appointment.

​So my companion found that cactus spines are like native darts.  And while i was taking the picture......


​This happens.😧

Oh, and the other day, I invented a tie knot.

Pretty cool, eh?

​I know we´re not supposed to have pets, but how am I supposed to get rid of our pet cockroach 
when he is inside our microwave?

[Mom comment:  What is good in a package? Ryan: I have peanut butter. It's not that rare here. It's actually cheaper, because not very many people like it. Beef jerky was good. I really go through the candy fast. .😉  Pop tarts were good.]

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