Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas in a Can Dec 21, 2015

Did i talk about the Day of the Guadalupana?  Well...December 12th is the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Literally the Mexican version of Mary.  Look it up; there are like 20 different versions of Mary depending on the country. I don't get it. But this day and the two days before, people make pilgrimages to the Cathedral of Guadalupe.  Every year a bunch of people die because they aren't being smart, like crossing the intersection on a red light thinking people will stop because they have their Lupita roped to their back. Yeah, that day was interesting.  We are close, but not close enough to have to leave the area.  Some elders spent that day in other areas because they couldn't be in theirs. 

Woo Christmas!  Do you know what that means? That means anyone who is a missionary who doesn't have investigators is going to stay that way until January 8😑  Yeah, this isn't a good time to find people because no one is home.  Or they are home with 20 other people.  Either way, we don't get to talk to them.  But in other words it also means ward Christmas party!  That would have been a lot cooler if they started on time. We got to be there for 30 minutes because then we had to go home for it being late.  But it was good. Good food. Sorry, that sounded quite pessimistic.  But you know what I do have? CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!! YEAH! it's great singing, playing the guitar, singing with my companion. And even better.... we can harmonize!  He is good at singing. I am grateful I have him for Christmas. :)  Oh and I don't know why I titled my email like i did.

Oh and this picture. I took a machete to the stomach.  

​ A machete is a type of food. It is a two foot long quesadilla. (A quesadilla is not a flour tortilla with cheese.)  A quesadilla is a folded thick corn tortilla with meat inside (or whatever filling).

​Say hello to Team Handsome.  Elder Lopez, Me, Elder Ibarra. 

​OK, I didn't win this time, but it was still good. 

​Mmmm sushi bar. This isn't even half of the plates.

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