Monday, December 14, 2015

Woo, It's almost Christmas! 12/14/2015

This week went fast. Getting to know an area is something I really don't like very much because I seem to always get an area where the elders did not update the area book, so I pretty much open the area. 😑 I like this Zone. This zone has Tepito (the black market of Mexico City).  Don't worry.  It's not in my area but it's just kind of cool. And anyways we are protected. We got connections😎.  But, yeah, my area is really quite nice. It's clean. The streets are nice. It's like Mission Viejo in comparison with some other cities, but a lot bigger contrast. 
It's really weird. I'm the 4th oldest in the zone. (speaking mission age) Really it just means the zone is new. But, wow, I'm old!

What are you doing for Christmas?  (I'm asking because I want your responses, anyone who wants to.)  We, on the week of Christmas are going to the Temple in the morning, then we have a talent show\thing with president. I'm excited because this zone sings!  I'll be playing guitar, another elder a violin, another guitar, and a piano. I'm excited.

​New Zone! Once again, the tallest. Only two white guys, but like half the zone speaks English. Elder De la Cruz is on the right.

​I really like playing the guitar!

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