Saturday, October 31, 2015

10/28/2015 Hurricane Patricia

Noooo!  Becca should go on the mission. She will be soooo much better off in her life. Learning how to study, learning from families what are the things that work, having a hard set of rules so that you know how really we should keep the commandments, patience, humility, how to teach, and the hundredth part of the things you learn cannot be written here. Stop having fun, Becca.

But for sister missionaries, there aren't any in our zone. Isn't that comforting, Mom?  The most of them are in bosques [forest areas], or the temple area because it's safer.

Are you distributing your work load?  I don't remember what talk it was but it talked about the 99 sheep and the one lost sheep. Have people work on the 99, doing visits, and giving reports. And you focus on the lost sheep, less actives, recent less actives, or those who could become less active, and those who have big problems.  Your counselors or other people can fix small problems.

Last week I wore a pink tie everyday. I only have three so that's why I only did it for a week, but next year I plan to do the whole month. I'll have more pink ties. 

Is it Christmas yet?  Halloween is cool and all, but it's dark and I've been knocking on doors all year long.  Christmas is happy.  The good thing is that we can talk about the plan of salvation because of Dia de los Muertos, and I hope people will be more interested.

I don't know if I have talked about how cheap food is here, but I love it. I bought a slice of cheesecake for 40 cents. (Note:  I'm making conversions.) A good sized pineapple for 1.50, 2.2 lbs of bananas: 60 cents, 2.2 lbs avocados: 80 cents!  Yeah, you're jealous. But anything that is American or a restaurant is about the same price as in the US, but less food. ._.

Hurricane Patricia: I think the worst was yesterday, but I don't know if there is more to come.  Wow! I just looked it up and it is the strongest hurricane on record for the Pacific.  I'm worried for one of our investigators because right now she is in Manzanillo, right where the hurricane hit. When I first learned of the hurricane, I was like wow, that means these clouds are part of the hurricane system.  They look more ominous now. Then there was the earthquake in India.  I was thinking Apocalypse, there will be pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places. Then yesterday started nice and sunny.  We had our day, then went to eat with a member (who is in the same house as us, luckily) and as we were finishing, I heard rain. Oh, it's raining. Dang it.  We finished and went up through the house so we didn't have to go outside.  Wait, that's raining really hard.  Oh yeah, it's not raining, its hailing! and quite big, well not that big, but about 1 cm. I look outside and there is a hurricane!  Well, not really, but it's a storm that's part of the hurricane system.

​My 40 cent cheesecake. Be jealous. But, really, don't, cause you'll break a commandment.

​Just a hurricane sunrise. (If you know what tune I sung that to, good on you.)

​Skipper, the dog of the house, killer of ties and pants.

My companion in the storm.


Today we went to templo mayor, even though it was raining.  ​

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