Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm Not a Nazi 9/28/2015

So this week we met a crazy/paranoid/drug addict/apparently-knows-five-languages/anti-nazi/crazy guy. It was a slightly fun experience. We contacted a lady in the street, then as we were leaving, we saw this guy staring at us. He asked for one of the pamphlets we have and we started talking. First off this guy was talking just above a mumble. If I didn't have 7 months in the mission, I would not have understood this guy. Well I understood most of it. He told us that when he saw me with my white skin, blue eyes, and parted hair, it was like ¡HiYYY! His instincts kicked in. Because all the Nazis have their hair parted. But luckily we gave this lady a pamphlet, so he knew we weren't Nazis because we are missionaries. But what he doesn't know is that I'm both! Just kidding.  I'm not. Really. I'm not. But all Nazis have their hair parted. (He kept mentioning that.)  He, apparently, is a certified Nazi hunter. And to add to all this, he starts to talk, "You aren't [incredulos]," (Yeah, I'll need some help again with this word mom. Gracias) [mom comment: unbelievers] "are you?" Oh nice, he´s a Jehovah's Witness too. He starts talking about TJ° stuff, and then he says he´s the advocate of God. Wow, he´s Jesus? OK, yeah, I've had enough crazy for the day.  I am in airplane mode. Uhhm. Si. Si. Wait a sec. He's taking off his shoe, wat? Oh, no, he's taking of his sock too. He then procdeded to show us the blood of his sins. That will be cleaned when he is baptized*. Oh, honey, you don't need baptism for that. You need a doctor. Then he wanted to show us some sort of meeting house. Meeting place of the anti Nazis?! You thought I was a Nazi and you want to take me to an anti Nazi place? No thanks. So we gave him a fake number and told him, OK, some other time. But don't worry.  I'm not a bad missionary; we gave him a pass along card, restoration pamphlet, and a Book of Mormon.

Yeah, it was kind of funny. We are still laughing about it.

°TJ is Missionary Spanish, a mix between English and Spanish. It's Testigos de Jehová in Spanish, but we pronounce it in English TJ, cause it sounds cool, and Spanish speakers don't know what we are talking about.

*TJs have to have a certain amount of time preaching in the street before they get baptized.

We have a new investigator, who is a survivor of an attack from a serial killer. He's got stitches half way around his neck, and a bunch of stab wounds in his chest and back. It is a miracle he is alive. He was in a coma for 9 days and now he has a plastic tube for a trachea and for an esophagus. He can't really do anything right now, so it's pretty sure that he´ll be in his house for the lessons.  Hopefully this is the way he gets to find the truth and accept it.

​How´s that for a Rubik's Cube?  

​Cool thing about cities: There is cool graffiti.
Yeah, and there are more cool ones.  I just normally don't have my camera.

[mom question: Why don't you send more photos?]  It's because I live in fear of my camera being stolen. I never bring my camera anywhere. I'm jealous of other missions in which you can carry your camera everywhere, or have a better cellphone than a 25 peso phone. Or an iPad.

And normally the graffiti is in places where it is more likely to get robbed. :) 

No missionary in Mexico has an iPad. The most advanced any missionary has is a Blackberry. And this is for the secretaries.

​For all you missionaries with iPads. Be jealous. It's got a flashlight.

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