Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I'm getting fat. 😧💢 I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself, like I normally do because I'm so dang handsome, and saw my cheeks were a bit fatter then they were before. And I know some of you are thinking, "Good, he won't be so skinny."  "NO! I will be skinny for my whole life!"  

So, this week,  on Thursday, I decided to start a diet. But then that day we had carnitas, then ice cream, then cake, then candy. I still haven't started my diet. But I bought salad.  And it wasn't my fault we ate all those yummy things. The members gave them to us, so I couldn't refuse. 😊

And this week we baptized the family Maldonado. The Grandma had a baptismal date, like 10 years ago, but didn't get baptized because there was no water, there was no gas, and no llegó la pipa. (I don't know what the last one means) [Mom comment: possibly that "We never got around to it."  Like the pipe we were smoking went around the circle of friends, but it just never got to me." ] Three different times. But now she got baptized. even though there wasn't any gas.  Oops.  We lit the boiler, but apparently it ran out of gas quickly. When I stepped in the water, I was like, ''Oh! It's nice and warm, sister.'' Then she exclaimed, ´´Yep, it's warm!'' so her granddaughter wouldn't know until she stepped in the water. But it was all good.  The grand daughter was only shivering a little bit.

​ Notice the difference in the color of my head and feet.

Oh, and apparently people have gotten married, without telling me!  If you know anything of the sort, I would like to know. As a missionary, I know next to nothing when it comes to news, be it world, or less of the United States. Neither about the news from friends, because I'm out of the loop of Facebook.  All I know is that Donald Trump is being dumb, trying to run for president. Because they have talked about that a bit here. 

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