Monday, November 2, 2015

Culture 11/2/2015

Ok, well, this will be short because I've only had half a week since the last time I wrote. 

The past week we went to Templo Mayor, the least destroyed ruins in the city of Mexico. Even this one has a sewer pipe running through it because apparently they didn't know it was there. There were a lot of cool things, but not that cool as other things I have learned of the symbolism. They didn't really explain anything of symbolism. And we also went through it pretty fast. Cause nobody seems to enjoy these things like I do.  I would have spent four hours if I could and read every plaque.  But, oh well.  I did like the artifacts. 

Here Halloween is almost nothing.  It still is known, but Dia de los Muertos is a lot bigger. Day of the Dead is pretty much like Halloween, but prettier. I really like the Katrina, she is like the symbol of the holiday, and she represents generally those who are being remembered. There are offers to those who have passed away, the things that those persons liked, and Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead), which is pretty good. I would buy it more but it's kind of expensive. Well, expensive for a missionary, 10 pesos.

Oh, I love Mexican Culture. It's so beautiful. And strong. Like the cultural celebration I loved and Dia de los Muertos.  Because it is Mexican. And they are proud of their culture. Just watch The Book of Life if you haven't seen it. 

There was a lot of tlaloc stuff, and also for Huitzilopochtli (that one I did learn the story, it is similar to the story of Zeus and the Titans).

​No, this is not a kindergarten art project. These knives were used for sacrifices, mostly human.

Mictlantecuhtli God of Death. The part missing shows the souls he has swallowed or hell.

​Elder Hay (Hi) and a member that came with us. The Temple is below.

Our Halloween. An investigator has a hair salon, and it was Halloween, so why not?  And in the picture as well is her niece.  I was singing the Hey song (what's going on). That's why my mouth is open.

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