Monday, November 16, 2015

Tres Cerezas

[Mom comment: What can we send for Christmas or birthday?]  We have a dvd player so I can listen to cds and I only have one cd, but I might buy a speaker and a usb so I can download christmas music.

This week Carolina got baptized! We had a last minute scare because she didn't tell us that she smoked, but now she doesn't so it's ok. This time we put resistor heaters in the baptismal font so that it would heat up, because it didn't last time.  Right before the baptism, I took out the resistors and it smelled warm. So I thought it was warm.  I didn't check any further. Elder Nava and Carolina found out when they stepped in the water. Hint: It wasn't warm.

Oh, my heavens. Do you realize that I have been on the mission for nearly 9 months!?  That's enough for a baby to be born. I left in February. It's November. It's almost Christmas. Wow!

Do you get the subject now? I won again! (It's a slot machine.) Yay! Mom isn't happy I won again, but I did! I'm in Mexico.  On Friday I got bit by a dog. Luckily this dog knows me. So it wasn't bad. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to grab my pant leg. But he was angry because I woke him up. The picture looks worse than it is, and the picture isn't bad. 

​This week was a good week for 8 reasons.

​Alma 17. I know not everybody is there but there is only so much distinction you can do with little drawings. So really it includes everyone. [Mom comment:  I'm guessing these must be drawings of friends.]

​Verizon: Raising the Bar. Carolina´s Baptism!

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