Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NOT Thanksgiving

Everybody is putting their subject as HAPPY Thanksgiving, so being the hipster I am, I didn't put that subject.

Well, not a lot to say this week. We contacted a soccer team that said they would come to church. That means 17 people that said they would come to church! Guess what happened. We had soooo many people that I didn't see in the church on Sunday. Yeah, this is kind of a normal thing for me. People saying they will do stuff: go to church, read, be in their house; then not doing it. Yeah.

But I have been learning more Christmas songs, singing. Because there is not a sign of Thanksgiving. I'll probably eat tacos for Thanksgiving dinner.  

Oh, and then there's the part where I'm going to have surgery. Woo. I'm excited. First surgery in my life. I'm not going to be able to sit down for a month. I think you can tell how excited I am. 😖 

One of our investigators has royal turkeys! (peacocks)

I got peanut butter, mint lifesavers and meringues. [Mom comment:  I guess food does get in by mail.]

[Mom comment: regarding the cyst on his tailbone]  I have been going to the doctor and I have to get it removed. Right now we are just waiting for the decision from Salt Lake. If I'm going to come home or do it here. I'll probably come home. I have mixed feelings about that from the two ends of the spectrum. NO, I don't want to leave.  I'm going to baptize people! And then, well, it would be nice to be home for Christmas. 

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