Monday, November 16, 2015

Mexico is Weird

I don't know if there are as many churches in any other part of the world as in Mexico. Some of them like to seem unified but they are not. There are about Eight Parroquin de San Juan Bautista churches in our area. Do you know what they are? Bible study groups. That's all. They have a pastor, but really it's just the person who owns the house. Don't get me started about Santeros. (People who worship saints)

Wow. I'm just going to vent for a bit. About Moses. Moses is Jewish. But not Jewish, because he is Mexican. [Mom comment: I thought Ryan was talking about ancient prophet Moses, but no, it's someone he is teaching]  If you didn't know, If you are not Jewish, and would like to be Jewish, you can buy yourself a Jewish bloodline. Wow. Soooo, Moses is Jewish-Christianic. What is Jewish-Christianic? Ok, basically it is Christians that follow Jewish rules. But they know that Jesus is the Christ. It's the only good thing about them. They know the law of Moses has been fulfilled but still keep the holy festivals, and other things from the Law of Moses. They baptize by immersion, but it has to be in running water. They take the sacrament, but only on Passover. They believe they have authority through the Holy Ghost because the prophets ended with John the Revelator. *takes deep breath* I believe you can see our dilemma. The thing is that the first time we met him, he said he was open to other ideas. (The future would tell otherwise.) We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it. He read some scriptures from it. The way he knows the Book of Mormon, I would say he looked up scriptures online from the Book of Mormon. One time he asked, so who were the first "Mormons"? I said Adam.  OK but in the Book of Mormon? (I'm pretty sure he was trying to use the fact that people were here before 600 BC.) I said, the Jaredites. *His face, priceless* Uhh, *goes to another topic* The thing that bugs me the most is that he refuses to pray and ask if the Book of Mormon is true. Conversation goes like this: Me:Have you asked God if the Book of Mormon is true? Him: I have my answer. *goes to John* If an Angel comes with another gospel you should not accept it. Me: Have you asked God? Him: No, because it's another gospel. Me: Well, ask God if it's a different Gospel. 

Is that all? No, but I won't go on much more. His main points of discussion are: There aren't prophets now, but we are all prophets; The real Church of God keeps the Sabbath day holy. Based on the prophecy of Isaias, that Christ will die in the middle of the week, therefore Wednesday, and Jesus resurrected on Saturday and the Sabbath is still Saturday. We can plainly see in English that the prophecy says in the midst of the week, not the middle, so it can be any day Monday- Friday, and we happen to know it is Friday

Please don't waste your time looking for scriptures. I have used them. And they are clear as day, but he won't accept them. 

So I got a package from Brooke. Thanks, Brooke!  I'm sure there were more cool things inside.

I said in my emails that you should put Jesus Stickers or Virgin Mary stickers right? I wasn't joking. It actually protects the  package a little better.

​This is how a package arrives through the Mexican Postal Service, clearly opened and missing things.
[Mom comment: In defense of the Mexican Postal Service,  their rules say "no food" so if someone sends food, they take it out of the package.]

Lamanites and their secret combinations. I was a little perturbed. 

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